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Attack on Titan, Vol. 16 (Attack on Titan, #16)Attack on Titan, Vol. 16 by Hajime Isayama

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So a few thoughts here (some maybe be slightly spoilery). We FINALLY get some answers. None that make any sense mind you if you look at them too hard but whatever. Also the art is a bit improved in this one and the storytelling becomes more adult than ever (i.e. there is a grotesque torture scene that includes urine drinking and food enemas by the hands of Erwin's ally, Zackley who is apparently crazier than a shithouse rat).

The Erwin bit of the story is very short. Most of the volume is divided up between Levi and company and Eren/Historia/True King Rod Reiss. So from here out there will be spoilers.

Levi, Zoe, Armin and the others are plotting how to rescue Eren and Historia. Well not so much the others who I swear getting dumber and less able to do anything but follow with each volume. That's fine Zoe, Armin and Levi (coincidentally the three characters I'm actually reading this for) are more than intelligent enough. Mikasa who has yet to live up to her promise in earlier volumes might become more important as we learn from the Historia side of the story that both Asians and the Ackermanns had a resistance to the Reiss family's ability to alter memories (see what I mean, explanations but none that make sense). Levi knows they'll be up against Kenny the Ripper who might share something with Mikasa and Levi and he is worried (which should tell you something). Their plan is ingenious but of course it doesn't come off as well as they'd hope as the military guard is waiting for them.

As for Eren and Historia, well neither of them do much but listen to Rob Reiss. Eren is still on his knees with a ball gag and chains for those who might enjoy that sort of thing. Reiss tells them of the true (maybe) history of the Titans and the Reiss line who have erased the memory of why the Titans were made and what happened to Historia's half sister Frieda and what Eren's father did to 'steal' Frieda's titan powers and how it won't work in Eren because he's not a Reiss, the only family capable of being 'god' and knowing the whole history because of their special powers (eye rolls). In fact if Historia allows herself to become a titan, she will be able to eat Eren and learn all the knowledge of her forefathers and control the titans and save humanity. (Okay, let's be honest, this is not how knowledge passes. There is nothing that magically about cerebral spinal fluid which is the key. It's just ultra filtered blood that's replaced daily but for this story you have to believe it can a) change you into a titan (okay sure, if it's a virus, then yes that could happen) and b) gives you all the knowledge and power of that titan (magic!).

So Historia has to chose betray her friends and eat Eren and believe her father is telling the truth about the whole thing or betray the father who never wanted her in the first place. As for Eren when he is able to speak later, all he does is cry and sob 'eat me and stop the titans' again and again until you want to punch him hard.

I still feel like this story is winding down to an ending. Whether or not that will make any sense has yet to be seen.

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