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October 2015 reading

October 2015 reading:

45. Spice & Wolf: Volume 2, by Isuna Hasekura (284 pages)
I really enjoyed getting to see more of Lawrence's thoughts, and getting also to see more of what is difficult to convey in manga art in terms of character personality and other nuances. While the storyline was the same, I found the depth added to the light novels versus the manga to be awesome.

46. The Rise of Nine, by Pitticus Lore (360 pages)
I'm not sure the title really fit the book, since it focused on most of the numbers and not on Nine in particular, but it was an interesting book, and left me wanting to read more.

October pages: 644

Pages to date: 14,989

Progress: 46/52

October 2015 comics/manga reading:

175. Star Trek Ongoing: Volume 7, by Mike Johnson (104 pages)
176. 100 Bullets: Volume 8, by Brian Azzarello (224 pages)
177. Naruto: Volume 9, by Masashi Kishimoto (208 pages)
178. Naruto: Volume 10, by Masashi Kishimoto (208 pages)
179. Naruto: Volume 11, by Masashi Kishimoto (208 pages)
180. Revival: Volume 5, by Tim Seeley (128 pages)
181. Suicide Squad: Volume 3, by Adam Glass (144 pages)
182. GTO: Volume 3, by Tohru Fujisawa (184 pages)
183. GTO: Volume 4, by Tohru Fujisawa (184 pages)
184. Case Closed: Volume 48, by Gosho Aoyama (184 pages)
185. Case Closed: Volume 49, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
186. Case Closed: Volume 50, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
187. Dresden Files: War Cry, by Jim Butcher (136 pages)
188. Case Closed: Volume 51, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)

October pages: 2,488

Pages to date: 34,119

Progress: 188/365
Tags: graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, sci-fi, young adult, zombies

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