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Little Golden Books: books 142-148

book 142:  Four Little Kittens by Kathleen N. Daly

I had this one when I was little, so I guess it is a re-read, although it has been a LONG time.  It's still cute and sweet and a bit sniffly for me. :)  It must have made a big impression on me because every picture triggers an emotion.

book 143:  The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear

I have read the poem, and enjoyed it, many times, but I hadn't seen the Little Golden Book version.  Rich illustrations, and I noticed for the first time that they were married by "the Turkey who lives on the hill".  Some religious commentary by Mr. Lear? ;)

book 144:  Walt Disney's Peter Pan by Eugene Bradley Coco

Guts the Disney film and takes out the awkward moments that (I thought) made the movie worth watching.  Save yourself for the real thing.  Mr. Barrie's novel Peter and Wendy (among other variations of title) is, I think, the best or at least one of the top few books when it comes to really capturing what it is to be a little boy.

book 145:  Walt Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk by Dina Anastasio

I had to have either seen a cartoon version of this or had a record of it or something.  I can "hear" the magic harp singing when I see her picture.  Otherwise, a very simplified, standard telling of the fairy tale.

book 146:  Disney's Pooh's Grand Adventure:  The Search for Christopher Robin by Justine Korman

Has most of the favorite characters and deals with the concept that you are more than you think you are, so don't sell yourself short.  As is usually the case, the original author's, in this case A. A. Milne's, work is richer.

book 147:  Walt Disney's Bambi by Felix Salten

I never read the full novel by Salten that Disney's version of Bambi was taken from, but this book was a faithful if foreshortened telling of the movie.

book 148:  Walt Disney's Bambi:  Friends of the Forest by Walt Disney Productions

Bambi visits a lake and gets to meet animals that live around a lake...and save Thumper from a "mean" fox.  I felt a little snarky when the Owl was giving Thumper advice.  Thumper would totally have been owl food.
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