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Ugly Duckling by Iris Johansen

book 154:  The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johansen

This is a cross-over romantic suspence.  It started out okay.  Some parts were a bit over-the-top which allowed its romance origin to shine through, but at least the plot was relatively fast-paced and didn't wallow in sexual stereotypes.  When sex actually came, it was a bit of a let down, though.  It's like she couldn't figure out how it should happen naturally for these characters, so it felt forced and lost its potential to stir the emotions.  The later part of the book felt choppy, somewhat undeveloped, and a bit predictable.  The overall story is that a plain, boring woman who lost her family and was seriously injured in an assassination attempt is given a gorgeous new face and works with a handsome underworld agent, naturally with whom she will fall in love, to get her revenge.
Tags: romance, suspense, unimpressed

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