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Animal Dictionary by Jane Werner Watson

book 156:  Animal Dictionary by Jane Werner Watson

This is another of the Little Golden Book series.  It annoyed me more than anything.  I understand that it is simplified for the beginning reader, but you can be simple and accurate.  It has animal names and features listed in alphabetical order with an illustration and small blurb of text next to each.  I wouldn't call the text definitions, really.  Sometimes they sort of are, but other times they just give an anecdote about the animal or item in question, like "Cows give us milk.".  Several of the blurbs are either wrong or misleading.  Considering this is being presented as a non-fanciful text, I think more effort would have been into checking facts.  Plus, some of the pictures are not well researched, for example I don't think panda bears are generally that anorexic and I don't believe narwhals fish with their tusks.  Also, if you are using this book to teach the alphabet, they leave out "U" and "X" altogether.  Overall, not impressed.
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