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Book #55: Portent by James Herbert

Number of pages: 413

This sci-fi/horror novel from James Herbert has a very apocalyptic feel to it, with the subject involving a series of natural disasters breaking out around the world, and these feature regularly throughout the book, usually ending in the deaths of characters who have only just been introduced. It's quite easy to see that the events of this book are evidently signs that the end of the world as we know it is near.

This, and the book's very obvious ecological message about how humans are destroying the planet, may sound very clichéd, but I found the book reasonably enjoyable, and scary in that it seems like something that could happen.

The plot revolves around characters who are easy to identify with, including children with apparently psychic powers, who dream about a "dream man" and a witch, who seems to be the mysterious woman who is intent on tracking them down.

I didn't find this to be my favourite of James Herbert's novels, but it was still worth reading.

Next book: A Dance with Dragons, Part 1: Dreams and Dust (George R.R. Martin)
Tags: british, horror, ominous, sci-fi, thriller

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