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InuYasha Volume 23 by Rumiko Takahashi

book 161:  InuYasha Volume 23 by Rumiko Takahashi

Naraku has Kagura kidnap Sesshomaru's little human girl companion, Rin, in attempt to force Sesshomaru to kill InuYasha or, failing that, lure Sesshomaru to Naraku's castle.  The latter happens, as Sesshomaru is not apt to follow orders from anyone for any reason.  Naraku anticipated this, planning to bring Sesshomaru within reach so Naraku could absorb him and his power into his own body.  Meanwhile, Rin is left in Kohaku's care, another part of Naraku's plot...Kohaku (Sango's little brother) kills Rin and in turn is killed by Sesshomaru (InuYasha's older half-brother), setting the groups at war with each other...  However, Kagome notices the Shikon jewel shard embedded in Kohaku's back, while InuYasha picks up Naraku's scent which Naraku had purposefully let leak to draw in Sesshomaru.  Naraku is surprised by InuYasha, who can now easily slice through the barrier around his castle.  The two brothers attack Naraku, with Sesshomaru claiming first rights.  Naraku uses Rin one more time telling Sesshomaru that if he wanted her to live, he may want to rush to her side instead of transforming into his demon form and pursuing Naraku.  Sesshomaru goes to Rin, with InuYasha racing him to get there and prevent the death of Sango's little brother.  Kohaku resists killing Rin, whom he has come to like, and rushes at Sesshomaru to goad him into killing him before he can harm anyone else.  InuYasha tries to come between them and Kagome begs for mercy, but Sesshomaru himself realizes the boy and he are being manipulated and rejects the whole plan, releasing Kohaku and heading off with Rin into the sunset.  Sesshomaru is my favorite InuYasha character, and I love watching his arrogant demon self develop compassion.  So, all volumes containing Sesshomaru and Rin together are at the top of my favorites. :)  This volume finishes out with all parties trying to figure out where Naraku disappeared to after his defeat at the castle.  All scent and evil aura have "disappeared from the earth".  There are many false trails, but Kikyo hears of a place that has mystical powers to cleanse all souls, Mt. Hakurei, and starts moving that way.

Tags: adventure, fantasy, japanese, manga, romance, young adult

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