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Book #56: A Dance with Dragons, Part 1: Dreams and Dust by George R. R. Martin

Number of pages: 656

Part 1 of the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series takes place at the same time as the previous title, A Feast for Crows.

While the fourth book was entirely based around King's Landing, this book shows events in other lands and brings back Tyrion Lannister, Danaerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, probably the best three characters in this title.

Strangely, there is not much about dragons in this one, as it starts with Danaerys locking hers up after one of them kills a child, realising that they are becoming too dangerous. Her plot takes place in the city of Meereen, which she has taken over as queen, but there is a plot against her people involving the mysterious Sons of the Harpy.

Meanwhile, Tyrion's story gradually takes him towards a meeting with Danaerys, which presumably happens in part 2 (I noticed several plot elements got changed for the TV show, such as the fact that it did not appear to include the appearance of a second dwarf, who previously featured in the wedding of King Joffrey in A Storm of Swords. Jon Snow's story involves him becoming almost power-mad and preparing for an epic battle on the wall, involving the white walkers, which also will presumably be in the second part.

The story also introduces the character of Reek, who I knew from watching TV show, was[Spoiler (click to open)]Theon Greyjoy, who did not feature in the last two books, but who has been turned into a dogsbody for Ramsay Bolton, who is one of the more vile characters in the series. The last thing he makes Theon/Reek do in this volume is possibly the most jaw-droppingly revolting thing I've read in the series so far.

It was really good to resume the plotlines of characters who were absent from the previous title, and my understanding is that other characters (presumably Jaime and maybe Brienne) will show up in part 2, which I also have on my to-read list.

Next book: Bible Bedtime 2: The Nativity (Martin Coleman)
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