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more Little Golden Books (because I had to re-login the library computer)

book 197:  Big Bird Visits Navajo Country by Liza Alexander

Some nice basics about Navajo culture.  I was surprised that Big Bird came across kind of pushy, but maybe they were trying to indicate he was overly excited.

book 198:  The Little Red Hen by Anonymous

I have always liked the morality of this story, kind of..."you reap what you sew", although I have to admit that it didn't feel as black and white as it once did when I was a child, as I have added complexity and experience to my belief system.  It's still a good, basic, and still entertaining teaching story, and this version has nice clear and colorful illustrations.

book 199:  The Snoring Monster by David L. Harrison

This is a good father to son tale about things that go bump, but don't have to be scary, in the night.  I think it might mean more to a parent, maybe even more so to a dad reading to a kid.

book 200:  Oscar's Book by Jeffrey Moss

I love Sesame Street's Oscar, in spite of himself, and always have.  This has all of Oscar's "charm" and the additional humor of him "interacting" directly with the reader.  I'd say I'd love to give him a big squishy hug, but he honestly probably smells pretty bad.

book 201:  Richard Scarry's Busiest Fire Fighters Ever! by Richard Scarry

These guys are bumbling fire fighters.  I've never read Richard Scarry before, but I think I've seen some of these characters pictured in other books.  So, I suspect he basically has created a little world and just tells bits of that world in his books.  I don't know.  It's too simplistic for me.  Maybe it would be more interesting if you read other of his books.

book 202:  The Bunnies' Counting Book by Elizabeth B. Rodger

This is a pretty good counting book with pictures of bunnies and more that you can count on each page.  The pictures and story premise is cute, and I was impressed that they even included a couple high numbers towards the end in case a more advanced kid wanted to try.
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