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Books 43-49 of 50 Book Challenge

43) Chicks and Balances Edited by Esther Friesner and Josh Helfers. 2015 Twenty short stories with female warriors of all stripes. Part of a series of Chicks in Chain-mail series of books that got started in 1990's. A good read over all. Will look for the other books.

44) Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist by Andrew Osmond. 2013. If your are looking for a critical overview without the excessive academic jargon of Satoshi Kon's body of work as a director of movies and television this is your book. It gives a general sense of the plot and with a lot of sidebars on the production and development of the movies and television series.

45) Dream Fossil: The Complete Stories of Satoshi Kon. Translation by Yota Okatani and Vertical Comics. 2015. This a collection of Satshi Kon's short manga works. They range from slice of life to to sci-fi. Recommended for Satoshi Kon fans or fans of more mature manga.

46) Satoshi Kon's OPUS. Story and Art by Satoshi Kon. Translated by Zack Davisson. 2014. A very metafiction tale about a manga artist who looses control of his manga when one of the main characters goes completely off script. Very enjoyable for the visual display of good maga storytelling.

47) Anno Dracula 1976-1991: Johnny Alucard by Kim Newman. 2014. Grew up in the 70's, 80', and 90's? This book looks at how a get of Dracula becomes the producer of major movies, mainly about vampires, got his start in the movie industry. Regular characters Kathrine Reed, Genevieve Dieudonne, and Penelope Churchward return and get into various kinds of professions as the 20th century winds down.

48) Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter. 2008. About a marmalade kitten abandoned in a small town library book drop on cold January in the 80's. Dewey, his main caretaker Vicki, and the small town of Spencer Iowa. Dewey's charm and eagerness to meet and greet people make him the darling of Spencer Library and the world.

49) Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Corgi edition 2006. My annual re-read of this Christmas time favourite. Every time I read, I notice another layer or word play I missed in previous readings.

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