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Book 57- The Bone Lady, by Debra Darnall

Managed to squeeze in one more book before the end of 2015...

57. The Bone Lady, by Debra Darnall. I flew through this fun book, and what a nice read to wrap up 2015 with! This is Darnall's own story as the Bone Lady, to add to the fun of attending Cleveland Browns games. Needless to say, Darnall is a huge Browns fan, and is even in the fan Hall of Fame. I'm a very casual sports fan at best, so this was educational in many ways. One, I didn't even know there *was* a football fan hall of fame, nor how close uber fans are, nor how involved they are in promoting not only their teams, but charity events. Much of the book goes into the adventures of being the Bone Lady, who also has her Volvo painted to look like a Browns helmet (did I mention she is a big fan?) Most of the adventures are pretty funny; I laughed out loud at some of them. A few were more serious and one was a bit chilling. Darnall also goes into her life before and when she is not "boned up" as she calls it. In addition, she is a talented mural painter (there are many pictures in this book, including a few of her paintings) and artist. She also writes about her upbringing and her insecurities, and how she works to overcome them. In addition, she also includes tips for fans going to tailgating parties (the highlight of Browns games, because the games, even by her own admission, are so often a letdown), etiquette at the games, and tips on creating a costume if one so desires. This is a fun, easy read and should appeal to sports fans and non-sports fans alike.
Tags: autobiography, non-fiction

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