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2015 in review

I've been actively tracking my reading for about the last ten years or so, and I've been more deliberate about it since joining this group and also Goodreads four years and one day ago. (Happy Anniversary to me!) In 2015, I added a column for genre so I could sort the books that way instead of making tick marks on a random piece of paper. I also made a semi-intentional effort not to include any rereads and to read only one work by any particular author. Last but not least, I took part in's Read Harder Challenge ("RHC"), but more on that shortly. Before I get to the statistics, the book I liked the least was Gotcha! by Fern Michaels, and the book I liked the most was Station Eleven by Emily St. Mandel.

So ... the stats are as follows: 3 biographies/memoirs, 6 "other" non-fiction books, 1 science fiction, 5 juvenile/young adult, 9 mysteries, 17 fiction books (including one in audiobook format), and 1 graphic novel. If I counted right, that should be 42 books altogether. I think I've settled on that number as the most suitable reading goal for me at this point in my life. Fifty felt a bit rushed at times, and 40 was not quite enough, especially since I only started actively pursuing the RHC in September and had to scramble to fit in everything I wanted to include that I hadn't already covered through serendipity up to that point. It also works out nicely to 3.5 books a month, or a book every 8.7 or so days. Furthermore, it's just an awesome number for several reasons.

Anyway, thanks to the RHC I knocked off some books that had been languishing on my DNF or TBR lists, and I also tried a couple of new formats (audiobook and graphic novel). Since I'm starting the RHC in January this year, I can consciously lay out my reading plans for the whole year and see how that goes. Here is the challenge for this year if you'd like to follow along.

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