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Sheep Honor Moletown; Sidewalk Meet Cute! Again!

Honor Girl, by Maggie Thrash
Astoundingly good. A relatively quiet graphic novel memoir about summer camp and figuring out you might like like girls and growing up and ... wow. Seriously, I want to read everything Maggie Thrash ever publishes now.

Louis I, King of the Sheep, by Olivier Tallec
Cute. Cartoony. Not as awesome as I'd hoped.

Moletown, by Torben Kuhlmann
More awesome than I'd hoped. Intriguing nearly wordless story, intricate and grandiose illustrations.

I'm Not Cute!, by Jonathan Allen
Spoiler alert: the young owl protagonist of this story is, in fact, cute. Fun but slight.

Toys Meet Snow, by Emily Jenkins, illustrated by Paul Zelinsky
A bit over-self-serious, but generally lovely. Particularly the illustrations.

Again!, by Emily Gravett
I wanted something as ingenious as her book Wolves, which was GREAT. This is not great. Not bad, though.

Sidewalk Flowers, by JonArno Lawson, illustrated by Sidney Smith
Lovely, playful, energetic illustrations in this wordless story, which is a bit overly didactic but not so much so as to ruin things.

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