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Friendship Kitten; Happiest Woundabout Color; Summer Raindrops Mess

Lumberjanes, vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy and vol. 2: Friendship to the Max, by Noelle Stevenson
This series is marvelously FUN. I know I use that word a lot, but seriously. Kids running around having PARANORMAL scouting adventures and saving each other's bacon in clever and varied ways. And the characters are ALSO varied, every single one of them has some personality! What a hoot. I wish I could be 10 again just to read these.
(360, 415)

A Brush Full of Color, by Margriet Ruurs
A beautiful picture book biography of Ted Harrison that reminded me how much I love his stuff and sent me on a bit of a tear.

Woundabout, by Lev A. C. Rosen
I was a bit cautious of this one because I really dug both of his adult novels for different reasons, and was worried he wouldn't successfully make the transition to upper-middle-grade. Silly me. This is a lovely book, only didactic in the way I *like* such books being didactic, and full of memorable ideas and images. Also has a sufficiently high excitement quotient.

When I Am Happiest, by Rose Lagercrantz, illustrated by Eva Eriksson
This series! How utterly charming and Scandinavian and humane it is! Possibly my favorite early reader series of all time (which puts it up against some VERY stiff competition!!!).

Mess, by Barry Yourgrau
This was hard to read, because I am always involved in a complicated dance with my own clutterbug tendencies, and some of my dear ones have it far worse than me in that department. But it was funny and honest and wry and, in the end, triumphant. More memoirs like this one, please.

Raindrops Roll, by April Pulley Sayre
Pretty but not otherwise memorable. I think very young kids would like the alliteration and the macros.

Summer Birds, by Margarita Engle
Such an incredibly beautiful book. Not only are the images astoundingly lovely, the story is written with care, delicacy, and verve. I think perhaps the writing evoked Merian even better than the pictures did. <3 <3 <3 <3.

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