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Book 1 - Yes Please by Amy Poehler

RHC Task #9 - Listen to an audiobook that has won an Audie Award

I suppose this could be considered a memoir, as it definitely contains a great deal of autobiographical material in more or less chronological order, but it's really more a presentation of Amy's philosophy of life in general and related to some specific situations. It's certainly funny -- there were moments when I literally laughed out loud -- but there are also moments of regret and sorrow. She speaks briefly but frankly about her divorce from Will Arnett, as well as a SNL sketch that deeply offended some acquaintances and her angst over a long-delayed apology, and also about an emotional trip to Haiti in 2013 right before hosting the Golden Globe awards with her friend Tina Fey. The comparisons to Ms. Fey's book are inevitable, but that was just a momentary consideration for me. Their friendship shines through in various places, but they are different people with different styles and points of view. A few parts irritated me -- too much about smoking pot with her comedy buddies and too much whining about writing the book -- but on the whole it was an enjoyable book, and she comes across as a warm and down-to-earth person.

I think the experience of listening to the audiobook contributed to my enjoyment. It's more than a matter-of-fact reading of the book. There are guest appearances from Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and others, including her parents with their adorable Massachusetts accents. There's a sweet conversation with Mike Schur (co-creator of "Parks and Recreation") that leads to an infectious giggle fest, and the last segment is actually part of a comedy set with a live audience. This book kept me entertained on several walks and commutes, as well as a day trip into a radio signal wasteland.
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