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Uzumaki, Volume 3 (final) by Junji Ito

book 28:  Uzumaki, Volume 3 by Junji Ito

This is the final volume in the horror manga concerning a Japanese town cursed by spirals.  Kirie's family is forced to take refuge in a row house after the destruction of their home in one of the ever increasing typhoons and tornados (all spirals); however, the residents in this particular row house start growing horn like spirals from their flesh.  Storms or agonizing death?  It's also discovered that coming into town is a one-way trip.  Aid workers and news crews start compounding the ever-increasing numbers of victims.  Destructive gangs are formed as people learn to manipulate the funnels of wind that spontaneously erupt from rapid movement or loud voices.  If you move too slowly; however, you turn into a snail-person.  And, with food supplies running desperately low, snail is now on the menu.  The only "safe" place is in the row houses, which are being continuously added to, but as more and more people pack themselves in, the mass melds into one composite, twisted, living, spiraling, clump of humanity.  All roads out of town end up right back where you started, but from the mountainside Kirie and Shuichi are able to see the structure the expanding row houses are forming...a giant spiral with the town's lake as the eye.  With a giant gush, the lake empties like a drain and the row houses are suddenly silent and empty.  Kirie and Shuichi descend a spiraling staircase in the center of the lake bed, in hopes that they will find Kirie's family.  They do, as part of the new living stone strata of an ancient spiral city, which they join as well, lying undiscovered as a new dormant period of a new cycle begins.      
Tags: horror, japanese, manga, young adult

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