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Books 19-20: A Morbid Taste for Bones and One Corpse Too Many by Ellis Peters

Book 19: A Morbid Taste For Bones (Cadfael Chronicles #1).
Author: Ellis Peters, 1977.
Genre: Medieval Mystery.
Other Details: ebook. 208 pages

In 1137, the Abbot of Shrewsbury decides to acquire the remains of St Winifred. Brother Cadfael is part of the expedition sent to her final resting place in Wales and they find the villagers passionately divided by the Benedictines' offer for the saint's relics.
- synopsis from UK publisher's website.

In this first outing for Brother Cadfael he is drawn into the role of mediator between his fellow monks and the Welsh villagers. He is himself Welsh born and so has empathy for the villagers who are resistant of the English churchmen. Then a murder occurs and he investigates so that the culprit is uncovered and justice served.

I loved the TV series based on these novels and welcomed the chance to read the source material. Medieval mysteries have been in fashion of late though this series pre-dates the trend and set a high standard in terms of the period setting.

Book 20@ One Corpse Too Many (Cadfael Chronicles #2).
Author: Ellis Peters. 1979.
Genre: Medieval Mystery.
Other Details: ebook. 226 pages.

In the Summer of 1138, war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud takes Brother Cadfael from the quiet world of his garden to the bloody battlefield. - synopsis from UK publisher's website.

Following the surrender of Shrewsbury some of the town;s leaders manage to escape to join the forces of Queen Maud while Kins Stephen executes a number of the town's defenders. Yet as the monks of the Abbey lay out the bodies for collection and burial it is Brother Cadfael who notices that there was one body too many. A murder victim. With Stephen's blessing he investigates while harbouring a secret of his own.

There was plenty to enjoy in this novel that drew on historical events. The series was written before the advent of authors providing historical notes. Still, I trust in Peters' reputation. Just a perfect medieval mystery
Tags: historical mysteries

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