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Book 24:Furious by T. R. Ragan

Book 24: Furious (Faith McMann #1).
Author: T. R. Ragan, 2016.
Genre: Crime Thriller.
Other Details: ebook. 318 pages.

Faith McMann comes home to a nightmare: her husband is killed and her son and daughter are taken. Although the intruders leave her for dead, she survives. Crippling grief and fear for her children make life unbearable. Until her anguish turns to anger…and she trades victimhood for vengeance.

Frustrated with the law’s efforts, she takes action to rescue her children—and wreaks havoc on the brutal criminals who tore them from her. With her family and newfound allies at her side, Faith descends into the hellish underworld of human trafficking, determined to make those who prey on the innocent pray for mercy.
- synopsis from author's website.

I had enjoyed the Lizzy Gardner series and so pre-ordered this novel, the first in a new series. The subject matter of human trafficking of children and young teens does make for disturbing reading though once started it was hard to put down as Faith's seemingly hopeless quest was so heart-breaking and compelling.

Aside from this dark theme I would warn that this is not a stand alone; something i suspected as we neared the last chapters. I have already ordered the sequel that is due in September..
Tags: sexual violence, thriller

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