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Gin Tama, Volume 2 by Hideaki Sorachi

booki 32:  Gin Tama, Volume 2 by Hideaki Sorachi

The adventures of Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura continue in alternative history alien invaded samurai surpressed Edo, Japan.  In this volume we meet Tsu Terakado, a young singer/ idol of whom Shinpachi happens to be the "Chief" of the fan club.  We meet Kondo, chief of the Shinsengumi, stalker of Otae (Shinpachi's sister) and idol and beloved leader to shinsengumi members Hijikata and Okita (and all of them really...he's kind-hearted, if a creepy, hairy-butted...his admission...stalker).  The yorozuka gains a forth member in the form of Sadaharu, Kagura's adopted, abandoned, VERY large dog amanto who likes to chew on Gintoki and Shinpachi (well, everyone, but Kagura doesn't notice because her race is so tough) for fun. 
Tags: adventure, alternate history, comedy, japanese, manga, sci-fi

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