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Tainted Evidence by Robert Daley

book 33:  Tainted Evidence by Robert Daley

This book...I guess you would call it a police procedural, although it deals a lot with the trial aspect of things as well.  It covers a shooting and arrest from events prior to it to after the verdict is delivered along with its fall-out.  It feels very gritty and "real" and covers a variety of perspectives about the case, which has politically and ethically charged issues above and beyond the actual crime(s) committed.  It concerns the shooting of five cops in Harlem by a black career criminal and how the lawyers use racial and economic inequities to manipulate the public and jury.  Sadly, it is still pertinent.  It took me a while to get used to the author's writing style.  He is evidently a crime journalist, so he knows his stuff.  But, the novel kind of feels like reading crime reporting at first, at least to me, and it took me a while to be able to lose myself into it.  It's also an uncomfortable story with very flawed and unlikeable characters.  I can't deny that it was well done, though, and it was certainly memorable in an uncomfortable, disturbing way.
Tags: crime fiction, gritty, legal, police drama, race, realism

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