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Books 1 - 10.

1. Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby
One of those 'finally read' kind (we didn't read this in school). I think reading this later in life has helped in opening the book better, at least for me. I know I would've thought differently about the story if I'd read it earlier, and perhaps reading late made the book more worth it.

2. C. McCarthy - The Road
Read in one day, which I think is a good idea. The mood of the book is fantastic in all its moods, and keeps being very like the author XD

3. Larsen - Hell-Week: 7 Days That Will Change Your Life (Finnish translation)
I will do the week at some point - I just need to read more of my books - and have the right moment - to be ready. However, this book got me halfway through preparation already, and listing possible changes-needed, so when I do this challenge it will be easier ;)

4. Signorile - Outing Yourself: How To Come Out As Lesbian Or Gay To Your Family, Friends & Coworkers
Slightly dated, and I don't agree with all the author's opinions, yet it remains a good decent guide for anyone needing it.

5. Zizek - Event (English translation)
Taken to be left to the library after reading; a bit too complicated to me, plus taking the subject from an angle I'm not interested in. :-/

6. St. Francis De Sales - Introduction To The Devout Life (English translation)
Very good, easy read, and a good guide to starting becoming more devout. Some old-fashioned stuff, but majority still good to anyone.

7. Zasio - The Hoarder In You: How To Live A Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life
For hoarders, those who know them, and those who aren't hoarders yet need at least some uncluttering tips in their life.

8. Wallace - Infinite Jest
9. Burn - David Foster Wallace's 'Infinite Jest': A Reader's Guide
To those wanting to read, I ABSOLUTELY suggest reading the book with the help of the guide, even if just to know the timeline of events. And I'm sure that for many the guide book could give explanations and viewpoints they might've missed. I read the book with only peeking at the timeline - so that I could form my opinions first - and could handle it that way... I did make notes so maybe that's why... it's not as tough as the thickness might suggest. Thickness means just longer read, really.

10. Nouwen - Out Of Solitude: Three Meditations On The Christian Life
This one was slim XD But seriously, the book makes for a good thinking times, and shows the value of quiet time and meditation in keeping life in balance.

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