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Gin Tama, Volume 3 by Hideaki Sorachi

book 39:  Gin Tama, Volume 3 by Hideaki Sorach

I loved this volume.  A lot of this series is about being silly and making fun of the samurai (and just about every other) genre, but now and then Gintoki gets very serious and sometimes adorably sweet.  He rescues Shinpatchi and Kagura from space pirates, and there is a funny but very touching scene where he carries his adopted family home.  *sigh of happiness*  Yes, I can be a sap for such things, if it occurs surrounded by irreverent, almost obscene humor at least. ;)  In another episode, Kagura and Sogo start their long-term rivalry (and Gintoki and Hijikata continue theirs) in a rock/ paper/ scissors variation that turns into part brawl and part (on Gin and Hijikata's part) drinking contest, during a cherry blossom viewing.  Gin's crew saves a "kappa's" habitat from ruthless developers.  Shinpatchi saves his idol Otsu from threats, and a bad boyfriend.  Gin helps a lady fireman find her place in a paternal field.  And, not least, we meet Elizabeth!, Katsura's sort-of amanto giant pet penguin (who looks like a penguin shaped sheet with an old geezer's legs sticking out from underneath).  Gin:  "Zura!  What's that, that...thing!  It's repulsive!!"  Katsura:  "It's not repulsive!  It's Elizabeth...Pretty cute, isn't she?"  I think I've said before, I love this manga (and the anime that was made from it). :D
Tags: adventure, comedy, japanese, manga, young adult

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