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Book 66

ノラガミ 6 [Noragami 6] (Noragami: Stray God, #6)ノラガミ 6 [Noragami 6] by Adachitoka

This is the culmination of the battle between Yato and Bishamon, orchestrated by Kugaha. I don't want to spoil it but unlike so may shonen battles that get ridiculous dull with the must practice and get stronger mantra that lasts volumes, this battle lasts long enough to satisfy without getting boring. Major things happen with Yato and Yukine as well as with Bishamon and Kazuma (and Kugaha). that's all I really want to say.

It's wonderfully told, it tugs at the heart strings, you might even cry as you learn about Kazuma's past. The arc ends in a very good way.

I'm really enjoying this manga (though I still don't see how a happy ending happens for Hiyori and Yato). I'm looking forward to more.

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Tags: manga, urban fantasy

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