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Gin Tama, Volumes 8-9 by Hideaki Sorachi

book 49:  Gin Tama, Volume 8 by Hideaki Sorachi

continuation of alternate history alien/ samurai parody this volume Gintoki and "friends" reclaim Kagura from her father after helping to save her from an alien run amok; get inflammation in an inappropriate place; try to break up bakufu government official Matsudara's daughter's relationship, by assassination if necessary; "welcome" a scary looking alien florist to the neighborhood; and get schooled in ninja arts Sa-chan style when Katsura insists everyone help him free Elizabeth from a government jail.  Go Ninja Spy Force...!

book 50 (yay me!):  Gin Tama, Volume 9 by Hideaki Sorachi

In this volume, the Elizabeth rescue is resolved, they (maybe) learn some lessons about gambling, Sadaharu turns into a vengeful dog-god, Otae competes for sales to keep her hostess job, Hijikata is targeted for assassination by a rebel faction (poor rebels), and the gang participates in an other-worldly game of kick-the-can.
Tags: adventure, comedy, japanese, manga, young adult

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