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Book 75

Kill the MessengerKill the Messenger by Tami Hoag

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I usually like Tami Hoag's works but this one did nothing for me. Mostly it had to do with one of the main characters. I didn't really connect with any of the characters but the titular messenger really didn't work for me.

Jace Damon, bike messenger and sole supporter of his younger brother (they're orphans) picks up a package from a lawyer. Before he can deliver it someone in a car tries several times to run him down before Jace can get away. The lawyer is murdered soon after the pick up. Somehow Jace assumes he'll be blamed. It's his narrow minded paranoia about cops is what drove me insane. For some reason his mother (now gone and never seeming to be that great in the first place) instilled an overwhelming fear of cops in Jace, even though there's no real reason for it. So much so even though he knows he has something (the package) that the cops need to know about, something that nearly got him killed and did get the lawyer killed he won't go. even after his friend and ersatz mother figure is murdered and all his bike messenger friends want him to go to the cops he won't.

In fact none of this story works if Jace isn't a complete paranoid idiot. Any normal person would go to the cops especially when a friend who died because of this but not Jace and so it just didn't work for me. The two detectives, Parker and his snippy trainee partner, Ruiz don't really grab me either but at least Parker isn't foolish.

There are far better Hoag novels than this which is nearly 500 pages.

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