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Book #30: The X-Files Season 11, Volume 2 by Joe Harris

This volume compiles the last few stories in the X-Files Season 11 comic books series, and presumably the end of the series (presumably because of the TV show's renewal).

The story continues the arc that started with "Elders", starting off with "Xmas", which opens with Frohike and Langly being abducted by aliens. The scenes with them on board the alien spaceship are surprisingly comical, including some juvenile humour involving a rectal probe. While this happens, Mulder and Scullys' individual plotlines continue from the previous story, with Scully teaming up with Byers.

The story continues the themes of telepathic communication and the faceless alien rebels, and leads almost directly into the concluding three-part story, "Endgames", which opens with a post-apocalyptic scene that appears to be a flash-forward (or possibly a dream sequence?), and features a bearded Mulder. The story feels particularly ominous, as it becomes apparent that an invasion is already in progress, and also involves a mining expedition to get magnetite (the only material that can kill the Super Soliders, seen in the TV show's 8th and 9th seasons.

I didn't think the 11th Season of the comic books series was quite as good as the 10th, as it concentrated more on an ongoing story, rather than a number of stand-alone plots, and didn't seem to allow Mulder and Scully enough time together. The ending seemed more low-key than I had expected, and it felt like the story needed to be continued (there seemed to be a few loose plot threads), at least to see how the plot was going to reach the apocalyptic moments seen in the flash-forwards. There was also a bit too much complicated tech-speech at times. The good thing about this was that the artwork was as always brilliant, with a few accurate recreations of scenes from the TV show.

Next book: Know and Tell the Gospel (John Chapman)
Tags: graphic novel, ominous, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, television

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