kirstennnnnn (kirstennnnnn) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

book 57:  Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

For some reason, Cold Comfort Farm makes me think of Emma by Jane Austen, although I have not read Emma and have only seen the movie. I'm guessing because this is a light historical British comedy in which the heroine tries to "fix" everyone around her, and in the process grows a little herself, although Flora Poste in Cold Comfort Farm is more static in her evolution than Emma. Cold Comfort Farm also seems to be a parody of those earlier romantic novels, as well, focusing quite a bit on the absurdities of the culture and its eccentric characters.  It was an enjoyable enough read and had a happy ending, but at the same time I don't feel like I HAVE TO go pick up the sequel.
Tags: british, comedy, literature, period fiction (20th century)

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