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Gin Tama, volumes 20-22 by Hideaki Sorachi

book 66:  Gin Tama, Volume 20 by Hideaki Sorachi

Continuation of samurai/ alien alternate history comedic parody...

In this volume, the battle to save the Shinsengumi ends with Gin and friends displaying some epic fighting skills and often hidden deep compassionate sides.  Good arc.  To not let this turn into an action drama, we then move to Yamazaki's funeral (well, really the dog's funeral with Yamazaki as an add on), unfortunately (?) he's not really dead.  Then Gin teaches (sort of) an editor of a struggling samurai/ alien alternate history comedic parody (hrm...) how to re-engage readers.  (Too bad the manga-ka is a gorilla.)  Kagura's father, Umibozu, single-handedly saves the world (one commercial at a time).  Gin gives Kagura a new umbrella (one of the most adorable arcs in the entire series!).  Yamazaki tries to infiltrate Katsura's rebel exclusionist faction.  And, the gang ends up going to The Dragon Palace, where things do not go according to plan (do they ever?), and Gin and Katsura end up as feeble, senile, old men.

book 67:  Gin Tama, Volume 21 by Hideaki Sorachi

The gang has to save all of Edo from being turned into elderly people, but their two best fighters, Gin and Katsura, are a bit on the feeble, useless side themselves (or are they?!).  Gin shows Tama, the emotionally evolved robot a good time (or vice versa).  Gin tries to reconcile a dying yakuza boss with his estranged son.

book 68:  Gin Tama, Volume 22 by Hideaki Sorachi

The yakuza arc resolves.  (Sad Gin face breaks my heart.  *sniff*)  Hasegawa becomes a sushi chef (well, almost).  The shinsengumi have to clean the bathroom.  Aliens replace some of the gangs' body parts with screw drivers.  Katsura ends up in prison and inadvertently interferes with another inmate's escape plans.
Tags: adventure, comedy, japanese, manga, young adult

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