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July 2016 reading

July 2016 reading:

26. Spice & Wolf: Volume 9, by Isuna Hasekura (216 pages)
A continuation of the last book. Lawrence, Holo, and Col find themselves swept up in the strife of a divided town, in the middle of a trade war, with several sides which wish to use Lawrence as a tool for their gain. Really good, ended on a slight cliffhanger.

27. Labyrinth of Stars, by Marjorie M. Liu (304 pages)
With Maxine's pregnancy threatens to produce a daughter with the Lightbringer's power combined with the Hunter's, the Aetar attack, nearly causing a miscarriage and forcing Maxine's hand. With a virus spreading among the demons Grant has linked himself to, infecting him as well, and whispers of betrayal, both must risk everything to save the world, themselves, and their future child. I felt the end was a little lacking, but overall I really enjoyed this.

28. Devil Bones, by Kathy Reichs (310 pages)
When a grisly scene out of an occult film is discovered in a house being renovated, things get strange in North Carolina. Brennan has no idea just how bad things are about to get, and the grief the cases she's working on will cause. She gets knocked out again, and I wasn't too fond of the way mental illness was portrayed in this one. Also, I solved one thing pretty quickly and it took forever for her to figure it out. I blame it on all those blows to the head.

29. Iron Kissed, by Patricia Briggs (287 pages)
When Zee asks Mercy to use her coyote scent to help catch a fae murderer, it promises to wipe her debt to the fae out and she readily agrees. But after she's identified a culprit, the accused is found dead and Zee is accused of a murder she knows he didn't commit--and Mercy will be damned before she lets him take the fall. Little does she know, this will put her and many she cares about in harm's way. TW: rape.

30. Champion, by Marie Lu (369 pages)
Day and June haven't spoken in 8 months. Day and Eden are in San Francisco, both getting treatment. June is a Princeps-Elect, helping Anden foster peace between the Republic and the Colonies. When the fragile peace is broken and war looms, June and Day are reunited to fight again for the future of what used to be the United States. Made me cry in various parts. Great character development.

31. 206 Bones, by Kathy Reichs (308 pages)
Something is rotten in the state of Quebec. Brennan keeps missing things in her cases, and it doesn't help that her reputation was called into question via an anonymous phone call. She's not one to let that stand. Another hit to the head, which at least had believable impact this time.

July pages: 1,794

Pages to date: 9,637

Progress: 31/52

July 2016 comics/manga reading:

136. Dance in the Vampire Bund II The Scarlet Order: Volume 3, by Nozomu Tamaki (192 pages)
137. Planetes: volume 2, by Mokoto Yukimura (268 pages)
138. Library Wars Love & War: Volume 1, by Kiiro Yumi (186 pages)
139. A Bride's Story: Volume 6, by Kaoru Mori (195 pages)
140. 100 Bullets: Volume 13, by Brian Azzarello (304 pages)
141. The Sandman: Volume 2, by Neil Gaiman (232 pages)
142. Catwoman: Volume 4, by Ann Nocenti (208 pages)
143. Guardians of the Galaxy New Guard: Volume 1, by Brian Michael Bendis (112 pages)
144. Swamp Thing: Volume 1, by Alan Moore (173 pages)
145. Harley's Little Black Book: Issue 1, by Amanda Conner (46 pages)
146. Harley's Little Black Book: Issue 2, by Amanda Conner (44 pages)
147. Harley's Little Black Book: Issue 3, by Amanda Conner (44 pages)
148. Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad April Fool's Special: Issue 1, by Rob Williams (36 pages)
149. Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con, by Amanda Conner (41 pages)
150. Harley Quinn Holiday Special: Issue 1, by Amanda Conner (41 pages)
151. Invader Zim: Issue 1, by Jhonen Vasquez (27 pages)
152. Invader Zim: Issue 2, by Jhonen Vasquez (27 pages)
153. Invader Zim: Issue 3, by Jhonen Vasquez (25 pages)
154. Invader Zim: Issue 4, by Jhonen Vasquez (26 pages)
155. Invader Zim: Issue 5, by Jhonen Vasquez (26 pages)
156. Invader Zim: Issue 6, by Jhonen Vasquez (26 pages)
157. Invader Zim: Issue 7, by Jhonen Vasquez (27 pages)
158. Invader Zim: Issue 8, by Jhonen Vasquez (27 pages)
159. Invader Zim: Issue 9, by Jhonen Vasquez (27 pages)
160. Invader Zim: Issue 10, by Jhonen Vasquez (25 pages)
161. Invader Zim: Issue 11, by Jhonen Vasquez (28 pages)
162. Convergence Harley Quinn: Issue 1, by Steve Pugh (26 pages)
163. Convergence Harley Quinn: Issue 2. by Steve Pugh (25 pages)
164. Harley Quinn's Greatest Hits, by Various (160 pages)

July pages: 2,624

Pages to date: 26,769

Progress: 164/200
Tags: dystopia, graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, mystery, urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves

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