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Book 88

Journey on a StairwellJourney on a Stairwell by William L. Grimes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I met the author at a book fair at Empire books in Huntington and had I known there was a haunted dental practice in that area I might have made the trip. Of course, as with any true haunting stories, whether or not you believe it is a personal thing.

It all began a few decades ago when Dr Grimes bought an old duplex and began rennovating it into his dental office. Strange things began happening early one, loud banging sounds, pushing and heavy foot falls. This entity would end up being called 'The Big Guy,' but the one that really got the author interested and invested in the hauntings was the young, sickly girl in the stairwell. She so captivated his imagination, he used his favorite creative outlet and painted her portrait (as seen on the cover).

Over the years, he and his staff kept a ghost journal and had many psychics in to investigate the place and at least one TV ghost hunting crew but it began with a patient who knew about the family in the 20s-30s who owned the place and that a little girl had died in the upstairs of what she thought was an illness.

I will say that the author did his best to investigate the house and the families in it. He found some reasons for the girl's haunting and the Big Guy but there were several other haunts in the place as well. The author speculated that this house was in a thin place, over a portal, if you believe that sort of thing.

The story is well told. It's very conservational as if you were sitting down and talking about it (I would have liked to do that, to be honest) and the history of the house and its haunts is told in layers. I

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