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Book #36: Jungle Pilot by Russell T. Hitt with Stephen F. Saint

Number of pages: 320

This is the biography of Nate Saint, a Missionary who travelled around by plane, who was murdered in 1956 by a native tribe who he wanted to convert to Christianity.

I found the book to be very detailed and comprehensive, with accounts of Saint's early life, which give clues as to what his influences were, and which also includes extracts from letters and reports that he wrote.

What I mainly took away from this book was how the church reacted to his death; instead of being discouraged, it spurred them on to increase their ministry, which just demonstrates how nothing on earth can stop something happening if it is God's plan.

I hadn't heard of Nate Saint when I read this, but I found this to be be a very enjoyable read, and a great tale of peserverance and boldness in the face of adversary.

Next book: Peter Duck (Arthur Ransome)
Tags: around the world in 100 books, biography, christian, non-fiction, spiritual reading

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