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Gin Tama, Volume 23 by Hideaki Sorachi

book 70:  Gin Tama, Volume 23 by Hideaki Sorachi

Continuation of the comedic, samurai/ alien alternate history parody manga...

In this volume, Katsura almost escapes prison, Kagura and Shinpachi have Gin tell the backstory of a photograph found of odd jobs co-workers he had before them (and regret it), the gang exorcizes a haunted hot springs, and Hijikata is forced to stop smoking.

Sadly, this seems to be the last book volume of this manga published in the United States (or in English), so I am a bit frustrated.  I am pretty sure that I could find it online, but since I don't have home internet, it will be much more complicated for me to continue reading it.  *sigh*
Tags: adventure, alternate history, comedy, japanese, manga, young adult

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