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Book 104

Zombies & CalculusZombies & Calculus by Colin Conrad Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Don't go into this one thinking you're going to be reading a straight up horror, zombie story. This really is a vehicle to show how math works in the real world (for those who don't think it has applications, you're wrong). Note that it is put out by a university press, so yes, a teaching tool of sorts.

Dr. Craig Williams is a calculus prof whose class gets interrupted by a zombie student killing another student. Soon the whole university is on the run and only pockets of non-infected students and faculty are left. Craig along with some of his students, his former lover and his rival Gunderson (whom you'll wish to get eaten) have to figure out how long it takes for a bite to get infected, how fast this will spread, how fast can a zombie run etc etc.

Yes, all those things that need math. It gives you a lot of math (calculus and otherwise) and if you want more math just follow the bloody hand prints to the appendix and it continues there.

It's rather clever in a way. It's not great literature but it's not trying to be. It's certainly a fun tool to get students to think in mathematical terms as Craig tries to get home to save his kids and later all of humanity from this lab-generated zombie virus.

The most scary part of course was the calculus.

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