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September 2016 reading

September 2016 reading:

42. Frost Burned, by Patricia Briggs (340 pages)
Mercy totals her Rabbit while out Black Friday shopping with Jesse, and when they call for help they can reach no Pack. It quickly becomes apparent that they've been captured, and through the Bonds Mercy learns what their captors want--for Adam to assassinate a politician. Little do they know, this has been financed by a bruiser in the supernatural community, someone who wants control, and they must fight to save their world.

43. Once Broken Faith, by Seanan McGuire (420 pages)
October should be used to everything going spectacularly wrong by now, but when a Pureblood is murdered and a dignitary elf-shot at a Conclave to decide what should be done with Walther's alchemical elf-shot cure, it's a bit more than she's dealt with before. Someone at the Conclave is a murderer, and she has to find them before they strike again. Bonus novelette from Arden's point of view. Good read.

44. Bones are Forever, by Kathy Reichs (283 pages)
When the bodies of infants are found bundled and hidden in an apartment, a manhunt starts for the mother, leading to other areas of Canada and a sad look into its underbelly. Surprised Brennan managed not to get killed here.

45. Spice & Wolf: Volume 10, by Isuna Hasekura (272 pages)
Lawrence, Col, and Holo travel via sea to find the wolf bones, only to find themselves in another situation that could lead to trouble. But they also feel obligated to help. Good book.

46. Bones of the Lost, by Kathy Reichs (324 pages)
The body of a young girl, a victim of a hit and run, is the most recent corpse to wind up on Brennan's table. With no identity and a clear indication the death was not accidental, it feels as though it might never be solved. At the same time, Brennan is worried about her daughter, who has been deployed to Afghanistan, and she jumps at the chance to go to her base when she's asked to consult on a case. This one tied up a bit too neatly, but was on an important issue.

September pages: 1,639

Pages to date: 14,089

Progress: 46/52

September 2016 comics/manga reading:

171. Swamp Thing: Volume 2, by Alan Moore (207 pages)
172. Case Closed: Volume 59, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
173. Catwoman: Volume 5, by Ann Nocenti (232 pages)

September pages: 631

Pages to date: 28,388

Progress: 173/200
Tags: graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, mystery, urban fantasy, werewolves

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