Saphira (saphirablue) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book 49

Title: Aurora
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Pages: 466
Summary: Our voyage from Earth began generations ago.
Now, we approach our destination.
A new home.

My thoughts:

This one has been a huge disappointment. I've been looking foward to read it because a generation ship arriving at its destination? Awesome!

But, the book has been so boring. So, so, so boring and therefore it didn't make "click" for me. And that makes me sad because the concept of the book and some of the themes that it touched upon (For example: Isn't it incredible cruel and selfish to condem your children, great-children and so on to live on a space ship and later try to live on a planet? They don't have a say/choice in that! Or, when does an AI become an AI?).

The only reason I kept reading has been that it touched upon certain themes as mentioned above and that the second half of the book got better when they turned around and they faced various problems (Even though, so many infos about plant growth. *urgs* I often thought that a lot of the book could have been cut because of unnecessary info dumps that might be interesting on their own but not in the context of the book.) and later when the crew has been in hibernation and Ship has been alone. I really liked that part and it also felt like that the writing has been better.

But, then came the last chapter/part with the beach and, WUT? I thought: Am I reading a sci-fi novel or a book on how to learn to surf? Seriously? Yeah, that pretty much ruined the positive feeling again. -.-

So, yeah, not happy with this book despite some good themes and a pretty decent second half.
Tags: sci-fi

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