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October 2016 reading

October 2016 reading:

47. Basil of Baker Street, by Eve Titus (112 pages)
I saw this in the library and had to read it because The Great Mouse Detective was a favorite growing up. Though there are some converging details the overall story is different, though apparently this is one of a series and the movie may have drawn from multiple books.

48. The Dark Hills Divide, by Patrick Carman (272 pages)
Alexa has grown up within the walls that shield four towns and the roads between them from the wilds, and has longed to see the outside. Little does she knew, she is about to go on an adventure that will change her world forever. Started a bit slowly.

49. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, by L. Frank Baum (262 pages)
Dorothy is traveling with her pet cat, Eureka, to a farm in California. She's on the last leg of the journey in a wagon with young Zeb, pulled by the old horse Jim, when an earthquake strikes, and the ground opens around them and pulls them into the earth. As it turns out, Dorothy's old friend Oz is also swallowed by the earth, and so he joins them as they try to make it back to where they belong, on yet another adventure.

50. Earth Girl, by Janet Edwards (358 pages)
Jarra has grown up on earth in an era where most of humanity has taken to the Stars, traveling quickly between worlds via portal. She, however, is Handicapped. She cannot live anywhere but earth, and those like her are considered throwbacks, apes. Jarra is determined to prove herself.

51. Night Broken, by Patricia Briggs (341 pages)
Adam's ex-wife calls in a panic when a stalker targets her, and it's clear she's hoping to rekindle a relationship. At the same time, a Gray Lord approaches Mercy for the walking stick, meaning she has to contact Coyote and try to get it back. Little do they know, the stalker is far beyond human, and beyond what they might be able to defeat.

52. Earth Star, by Janet Edwards (374 pages)
Jarra and Fian are ready to get back to their studies, but they're suddenly contacted by the Military and ordered to report for duty. They've been drafted into service because an alien craft has appeared headed for Earth. While there had been hope of first contact, it had been expected to happen in other sectors. For it to happen at Earth... we'll, no one knows what to expect, and Jarra and Fian find themselves heading a history team while in the midst of an amazing historical event.

53. Swamp Bones, by Kathy Reichs (98 pages)
Brennan thought she was going on vacation to visit an ornithologist friend. It's really not her fault that she finds human remains in the contents of a python kill when picking up the keys, is it? She shortly finds herself deputized and on the track of a killer. Still making stupid decisions.

54. Bones Never Lie, by Kathy Reichs (336 pages)
Brennan comes face to face with the case that got away through a cold file from Vermont, leading to DNA evidence that Anique Pomerleau is back in the game after years of silence. And with Ryan in the wind, she must track him down first if she has any hope of solving what is quickly becoming a serial case of child murders. Found this one more enjoyable than many of them. Brennan managed for the most part not to do anything dangerously stupid.

55.Earth Flight, by Janet Edwards (390 pages)
Jarra doesn't expect fallout when her Betan family clan decides to officially recognize her and adopt Fian, but it turns out that's an intense political statement. And it makes her a target. At the same time, the message from the aliens is being interpreted to discover a map to their homeworld, leading to Isolationist protests and further attempts at harming Jarra and Fian. When Fian's father interferes with their betrothal at her clan's ceremony, the act has far-reaching legal consequences across all the sectors. Whether she intended to or not, Jarra has started a sociopolitical movement. Really good.

56. Fire Touched, by Patricia Briggs (342 pages)
Mercy gets a frantic call from her police friend Tony because there's a creature on a bridge throwing cars and attacking people. Turns out to be a troll, and upon defeating it with the help of Tad and the Pack, a fire-touched boy who escaped from the Fae with Zee and Tad stops Joel from rampaging. In response to the release of the troll and the boy's request for sanctuary Mercy officially stakes the Pack's territory using the Walking Stick to draw a line in the sand against the fae. Great book.

October pages: 2,885

Pages to date: 16,974

Progress: 56/52

October 2016 comics/manga reading:

174. Library Wars: Volume 3, by Kiiro Yumi (200 pages)
175. What Did You Eat Yesterday?: Volume 4, by Fumi Yoshinaga (152 pages)
176. Star Trek: Volume 12, by Mike Johnson (124 pages)
177. Bleach: Volume 67, by Tite Kubo (192 pages)
178. Ms. Marvel: Volume 2, by G. Willow Wilson (112 pages)
179. Gotham City Sirens: Volume 4, by Peter Calloway (160 pages)
180. Rat Queens: Volume 2, by Kurtis J. Wiebe (128 pages)
181. Mercy Thompson: Homecoming, by Patricia Briggs (112 pages)
182. Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly, by Patricia Briggs (168 pages)
183. After School Nightmare: Volume 1, by Setona Mizushiro (191 pages)
184. Rat Queens: Volume 3, by Kurtis J. Weibe (160 pages)
185. After School Nightmare: Volume 2, by Setona Mizushiro (181 pages)

October pages: 1,880

Pages to date: 30,268

Progress: 185/200
Tags: classic, glbt, graphic novel, manga, mystery, sci-fi, urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves, young adult

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