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Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

book 75:  Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

This is a reread for me, and I enjoyed it as much this time as the first. :)  This is the second book in The Farseer fantasy trilogy, which is the first trilogy in a series of trilogies set in the same world but focused on different characters in that world.  I was assigned the first book in the third trilogy for a book club, and I just don't like reading things out of order.  Plus, it had been a while since I read the first trilogy.  Anyway, it's not as deep as Game of Thrones, but it is a bit like that in that in addition to fighting and magic, there is a lot of plotting, politics, and court intrigue.  Hrm...I feel like I have reviewed this before, so sorry if I have.  I have gotten behind in my reviews.  Well, I like this series for the well-rounded characters, the main one being a bastard of an ex king-in-waiting who is trained as the royal assassin and viewed as a threat to the crown from the youngest prince who is trying to take the whole shebang for himself.  Add in raiders with the ability to detach the emotions from their victims and release them back into their communities as a kind of thinking zombie, in addition to powers of the mind that allow communication and sometimes manipulation of humans and animals, and a lot can happen to one young boy in unusual circumstances.  I see what I did...I reviewed the first book previously.  In this second volume, Fitz the bastard tries to protect his ailing king, pregnant queen-in-waiting, and faltering kingdom while the new king-in-waiting goes on a quest to find mythical beings to help save them from the raiders.  Young Prince Regal takes the opportunity of the king-in-waiting's absence to basically take over and try to kill off all his enemies, including Fitz.
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