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Book #62: True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts

Number of pages: 96

This book felt like it was aimed at younger readers, but I still found that it provided useful advice on what friendship really means and how a true friend will behave towards you.

There was some content that I found challenging, such as how I should expect criticism and rebuke from my friends, something that I've been inclined to respond to in the past by getting angry and defensive.

The book also made some good points about how not to ruin your friendships with gossip, and how you can't expect to have too many true friends, and how no friendship can leave you completely satisfied.

This is a Christian book, so there were many cross references to the Bible (mostly Proverbs), as well as a good message at the end about how only friendship with Jesus can leave you fully satisfied.

Next book: Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (M.C. Beaton)
Tags: christian, non-fiction, spiritual reading

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