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GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Volumes 1-25 by Tohru Fujisawa

books 80-104:  GTO:  Great Teacher Onizuka, Volumes 1-25 by Tohru Fujisawa

GTO is the story of Eikichi Onizuka, a juvenile delinquent who managed to graduate from a "second-rate" college and decided to become the greatest teacher in all of Japan...mostly with the idea of picking up a teenaged girl to be his wife.  Yeah, he's a bit creepy and definitely still juvenile, but he's got a big heart that shines through and his sincerity, even in his corruption, wins people over, including the unmanageable class of delinquents he was assigned and discerning readers.  There's a lot of crude humor and outrageous events, so if you tend to sweat the small stuff, you should probably skip this story.  You will be like the adversaries Eikichi faces in his journey, passing judgement without knowing and understanding the whole story.  If you can go with the flow a bit and laugh off or shake your head at the absurdities, you may find some important lessons about life and see a diamond in the rough.  I think I'll keep this one to read again some time.
Tags: humor, manga, young adult

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