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Book 60

Title: The Clone Elite
Author: Steven L. Kent
Series: part four of "Rogue Clone", follows The Clone Alliance
Pages: 369
Summary: Wayson Harris is not your ordinary clone. He is an outlawed model with a mind of his own, an unquenchable thirst for battle, and a huge chip on his shoulder. Harris quit the U.A. Marines once it became clear its officers didn't give a damn how many clones were lost. But now he's been recalled for duty under the Elite Conscription Act.

An unstoppable alien force is advancing on Earth, wiping out the Unified Authority’s colonies one by one. It’s up to Harris and his men to make a last stand on the planet of New Copenhagen, where they must win the battle and the war — or lose all.

My thoughts:

Well, this one has been a bit of a surprise for me. I didn't really like the last part (which I've read 5 years ago) and have been very hesitant to start this one (if I hadn't this part and the next two ones already at home, I wouldn't have).

But, it's been okay. The story has been engaging and I thought the concept (aliens cut off the planet from any communication and nothing can get to or leave the planet and there is no escape and, as we discover during the book, there won't be a victory that can be fought for either) pretty interesting.

The things that bothered me in the last part (the constant repetition of stuff we already know/just have been told), have still been there and made enjoy the book less than otherwise.
Tags: sci-fi

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