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Books 21 - 32.

21.Toole - A Confederacy Of Dunces
Rather funny, even when I'm not a 'LOL' kind of person :)

22.Barber - Yo!Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook
Read this before a London trip. Visited this restaurant chain at least twice - delicious!

23.Umar - How To Pray: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prayer In Islam
To make my understanding clearer.

24.Crouch - Dark Matter
Clearly suitable for a tv screen; a bit underwhelming yet worth it very much.

25.Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow
Tough job, but with some note-making able to make sense of it. I wonder if William S. Burroughs was an influence to some bits?

26.Bridges - Exposition Of Psalms 119
Slim but slow-reading experience.

27.Tracy - Master Your Time Master You Life: The Breakthrough System To Get More Results, Faster, In Every Area Of Your Life (borrowed)
Clearly not a book to keep, but still got good notes out of it.

28.Black - A Princess In Calico
The message of this book may irritate some, clearly Christian message.

29.Reps (compil.) - Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection Of Zen & Pre-Zen Writings (English translation)(borrowed)
Worth reading, yet not for keeping.

30.Prochaska, Norcross & Diclemente - Changing For Good: A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program For Overcoming Bad Habits & Moving Your Life Positively Forward
Simple, with much room to make it your own, yet clear and supportive - so don't let its plain looks fool you. Recommended. :)

31.Mbonu - Fashion School Survival Guide
Good even for non-school clothes creatives, and even I got something out of it. Quick and fun.

32.The KJV Bible (Cambridge)
Lots of fun in finding out the meaning of some words (I used NABRE Bible to search for this).

*rewind whirr*

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