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Book 1

Quantum Tangle (Targon Tales)Quantum Tangle by Chris Reher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got this from a multi-author book giveaway and it was a really fun find. I used to gobble up Sci-Fi then it all went so militaristic which isn't my cup of tea. This is a very unusual take on first contact. Sethran Kada wakes up with a headache and finds out his star ship The Dutchman has a hitchhiker. To his horror, the hitchhiker is in his head, using the wet wiring pilots have to control their ships.

Khoe is a sub-space entity made of particles with the ability to side step most computer security systems and has a quick intellect. She is searching for the 'sire' of her people who was somehow taken by a traveler through the subspace the ships slide through from one point in space to another.

Seth quickly learns to appreciate Khoe but realizes they are in deep trouble as her people aren't being taken by accident. There is a group that are trying to use these sub space entities as a weapon. Now very close (perhaps inseparable) from Khoe, Seth sets out to help her with the assistance of his rather naive friend, a scientist who wants to turn spy, Caelyn.

I really liked the characters, Seth, Khoe and Caelyn though a bit more character development was needed. Seth's shadowy background might have been a bit too shadowy, ditto the world building. There is an Air Command and rebels that seem to be against the Command's totalitarianism but there are complete outsiders like Caelyn's people. I realize now that this is part of a bigger universe but is meant as a stand alone so that needed a bit more work. For that matter even though Caelyn was a minor character I still wanted to know why he wanted to be a spy other than it was convenient for the storyline.

I did enjoy this though. It was a very different take on first contact. I'd be interested in seeing more in this universe.

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