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50 Book Challenge 2016

Originally posted by hasfartogo at 50 Book Challenge 2016
50 Book Challenge 2016

A Rare Interest in Corpses by Ann Granger. 2006. The beginning of a Victorian murder mystery series with Lizzie Martin and Inspector Benjamin Ross. In 1864 Lizzie Martin moves to London to became a ladies companion to her deceased godfather's second wife. The previous ladies companion Madeleine Hexham had left unexpectedly a month before only to turn up dead. A tolerable read for long winter nights. I would not mind reading more of these books.

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Paper back edition 1998. A personal account of the Mt. Everest disaster of 1996 when a dozen climbers died over the course of the climbing season, 8 from two different climbing groups in the month of May alone. It's a heart wrenching story of simple mistakes making a difficult situation worse as each hour passes. It's the partial basis of the movie Everest that came out last year. Got this at a library book swap.

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Sir James George Frazer. Original Publication 1922. Published 1985. This is not an easy book to read with it repetitive examples, it's racism, and it's academic style. But it you are looking for a book on the early studies of world religions and the origins of common seasonal folk practices and customs, this is the book for you.

Hurry Up and Wait: An Inside Look at Life as a Canadian Military Wife by Dianne Collier. 1994. This a a self published book by military wives for military wives and civilians to better understand the Canadian military lifestyle up till the mid-1990's. It was very informative and amusing but a bit sad at times.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombie by Jane Austen and Seth Graham-Smith. 1813 for original publication and 2015 edition for Zombie edition. The book kept most of the plot intact but i found some of the sadistic glee that certain characters get horrible ends and comeuppances a bit off putting. Otherwise an easy enough read.

Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayoa Miyazaki and Isao Takahata by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc. 2009. A good listing and description of the movies by these masters of anime movies before they formed Studio Ghibli, at Studio Ghibli took off, and some of the smaller works they have done.

Anime A History by Jonathan Clements. Originally published 2013. Reprinted 2015. While written as a Phd thesis for the British Film Instute, this book is still readable by the general public. It gives an amazing amount of detail on the history of anime from it's early days to the present. A must read for anime fans or media studies students.

The Rough Guide to Anime: Japan's Finest from Ghibli to Gankutsuo by Simon Richmond. 2009. For anyone who wants to get a concise history of anime and it's affect on Japanese and world culture.

The Rough Guide to Manga by Jason S. Yadao. 2009. For anyone who wants to learn about Japanese manga. A bit of history, some examples of genres, and how it has been exported to the rest of the world.

Manga: 60 Years of Japanese Comics by Paul Gravett. 2004. A big book with lots of graphic samples of popular and obscure manga. Not for children, maybe mature teens as they are some graphic and sensitive stories.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore with a New Afterword. 2015. How does Wonder Woman the character tie in with the fight for women's right to vote and to get birth control. This book brings the rather convoluted family life of Marston's family history and how it affected the creation of this iconic character. Highly recommended if for fans of Wonder Woman, 20th Century American History buffs, and feminists.

A Lyncanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture edited by Charlotte F. Otten. 1986. A mixture of different mixture of medical records, legal cases, and religious speculations on and about werewolves in Western culture. A very academic book only for people interested in how cultures over time dealt with lycanthropy.

Gestures: TIF Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World. Revised and Expanded Edition. Roger E. Axtell. 1997. A basic book about how different body gestures can and would get you in trouble overseas and sometimes at home too. A good read if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself when you go on that trip overseas.

The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks. Color by Jordie Bellaire. 2016. This is a good adventure story set in a pseudo Asiatic country where a city in a critical geographic point is constantly taken over every 30 years for it's commercial strategic location. Looking forward to more books and will look for others by this writer/artist.

One Thousand Years of Manga by Brigitte Koyama-Richard. 2007. This book was published in France as well which explains the choices of manga popular in France more than North America. It's a good read that examines the long history of ancient visual arts as related to present day manga. Lot's of manga both common and rare.

Life Among The Savages/ Raising Demons by Shirley Jackson. 1998 Special Edition. Most people know Shirley Jackson for her suspense and horror fiction. These stories are about her personal life living in a small town, the wife of a university professor with 4 children, a number of pets, and the barely controlled chaos in the late 1950s and early 1960s in New England.

Amulet 07: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi. 2016. Our story gets deeper into the back history of Elf King while Emily's Amulet keeps chipping away at her resistance.

Persopolis: The Story of A Childhood. Marjane Satrapi. 2003 This graphic novel is a personal account of growing up in Iran during it's revolution from under the Shah to the current government system. Sometimes funny, often sad, and rarely boring, it's a must read for everyone with any interest in the Middle East, especially Iran.

Cat's Pawn by Leslie Gadallah. 1987. “Homesick ans stranded on an alien world, he wasn't looking for trouble – but big trouble was for him...” Bill Anderson is stuck on Orion where the sentient felinoids take him in after pirates kidnap him, his shipmates, and their ambassador Talan. After his recovery, he goes the local space part and falls into trouble that leads to complicated inter-spatial politics between the
Orions, Humans, and the creepy Kaz.

Cat's Gambit by Leslie Gadallah. 1990. “Even the dreaded Kazi Empire had its Achlles heee ... if someone was unlucky enough to find it.” Ayyah, Talan's daughter has a crazy idea and manages to drag in human pilot MacDonald and Dellardar Oll the Lleveci warrior into a possible suicide mission to get to the Kazi Empire' heart.

Inuyashiki 2. Hiroya Oku. English translation of manga 2015. Hiro Shishigami and Inuyashiki Ichiro have both been hit by an extraterestial object that reconstructs them to the best of it's knowledge – with some extras added. Inuyashiki Ichiro is an old friendless salary man whose family barely cares for him. Hiro Shishigami is a high school student who lives with his single mother. Both have been granted powers and both take different paths in using them.

The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Ghost Stories. Edited by Peter Haining. 1998. This a collection of 30 short ghost stories from Henry James to Ruth Rendell. Some hits, some misses, varied styles for the fan of things that haunt us all, preferably between the pages.

The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett.Tiffany Aching feels trouble brewing in her boot on The Chalk and things get more complicated when the fairies begin to stir and a death and an addition changes the status quo among the Witches.

How to be a Villain Evil Laughs, Secret Liars Master Plans and More by Neil Zawacki with illustrations by James Dignan. 2003. A comic primer on the various villain archetypes and what kind of henchmen and lairs they need to succeed at villainy.

Halo: La Chute de Reach by Eric Nylund and translated into French by Fabrice Joly. 2013 It's a Halo novel about the early days of Spartan program and Master Chief.

Halo: Les Floods by William C. Dietz and translated by Fabrice Joly. 2004. After heavy losses in the first book and an unexpected jump into unknown space, and discover Halo and it's very dangerous secrets.

Halo: Operation First Strike by Eric Nylund and translated into French by Fabrice Joly. 2005.The conclusion of the Halo novels, Master Chief returns to where it all began for him and the Spartans, to find a weapon to beat the Covenant. Or die trying. I was amazed how fast my French reading skills came back with this trio of novels.

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier. 2016. After moving to Bahia de la Luna for Maya's health, she has cystic fibrosis, Cat and Maya discover there is something very different about this town -there are ghosts in the town. Cat is scared and Maya is fascinated And when the Day of Dead Festival quickly coming up, Cat has to face her fears, for her sake and her sister's. This is a really well done graphic novel everyone should either read or own.

Use What You Have Decorating by Lauri Ward. 1998. Use what you have in your home to a better effect in every room. Lot's of before and after pictures with room plan diagrams. Some basic rules of thumb for furniture placement, how to hide or alter awkward heating/cooling systems, and how to arrange art better.

Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman. 1991. On a distant world where the physical forces of Erna have been harnessed by human colonists as magic, Damien Vryce a priest, Senzei "Zen" Reese an assistant, and Gerrald Tarrant an agent for The Hunter (the local master of The Forest) take the violated Adept Ciana to the Rahklands to get her memories and soul back from her assailants but find a bigger danger there than they expected.

Life Among The Savages and Raising Demons by Shirley Jackson. 1953 and 1956. These are the collected essays of Shirley Jackson about the entertaining travails of her family and pets in a New England in the 40s and 50s of the United States. A good read to contrast with her darker stories. (Counting this as two books as they were published that way originally.)

Shadows Edge by Brent Weeks. 2008. Kylar Stern rejects the assassin's life after the death of his master Durzo and his best friend Logan dead. But news that Logan may be alive and need of rescue forces him to choose his new family versus the biggest hit of his life.

Beyong Shadows by Brent Weeks. 2008. In the third and final book of The Night Angel trilogy, Kylar Stern has to assassinate a godess and finds out the true cost of his resurrection ability.

Scott Pilgrim 1-6 by Brian Lee O'Malley. Graphic novels about an unemployed slacker who has love life problems and is a band that seems to be going nowhere fast. More in depth than the movie but still very enjoyable.

Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly. 2015. Kymera wakes with no memories of her previous life but she has a purpose – to save the girls of the town of Bryre. She must do it at night since her appearance is monstrous. But as she visits the town, her curiosity about the people, the town, make her break the cardinal rule of not to talk to people with catastrophic results.

The Way of the Traitor by Laura Joh Rowland. 1997. “A volatile, corrupt city threatened by foreign invasion and run by an iron-fisted government, Nagasaki is the last place Sano Ichiro wants to be, Unfortunately, the shogun's Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations, and People has been banished there by a wicked adversary in the shogun's court.” Good enough mystery with some interesting historical depth of Japans relations with the Europeans in the 16th century.

When True Night Falls by C.S. Friedman. 1993. Damien Vryce, Gerrald Tarrant, and Hesseth the rakh female cross the ocean to find the fate of the five expeditions that went to the eastern continent to search for the source of the evil mind behind the manipulations of the rakh into monsters.

Not my best year but I had a huge life changes in August.

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