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Books 20 & 21

青の祓魔師 16 [Ao no Futsumashi 16] (Blue Exorcist, #16)青の祓魔師 16 [Ao no Futsumashi 16] by Kazue Kato

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This volume begins a new arc but before that begins it gives us one heck of a fan service chapter. The core team heads off to a bath/spa to recover from what the Illuminata did to them and to try to accept Shima back after all they’ve learned about him. So we have tons of naked bodies, carefully places word balloons and steam especially when some demons appear. It was fun seeing Rin’s tail (take that as you will).

The rest of the arc is a bit more slow to unfold. There is a good amount of catching everyone up with their schooling and them facing having to pick their emphasis much faster than they thought to cope with the exorcist shortage. Bon finds himself trying to impress one of the knights, Light, to the point of reinventing himself a bit.

In the meantime, Yuki is trying to explore the secret of his eyes and potential Satanic legacy, going it alone as he wants no one to know. One of the most touching parts however, would be Shiemi’s storyline, facing her mother’s expectation of her and the sweet awkwardness between her and Rin.

With the ground work now set, the next volume promises to be more action packed as they have to find out what happened when one of their own disappears

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Black Butler, Volume 23Black Butler, Volume 23 by Yana Toboso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This volume picks up with a new story arc. Ciel finds himself investigating a strange weekly party where the strict Victorian class structure is set aside and lords are partying with laborers. The request to investigate comes from two ends. Edward, Lizzy’s brother, entreats Ciel to help as does Queen Victoria. The queen worries about too many people gathering in one place (and potentially fomenting rebellion) but Edward has deeper concerns.

After the former prefects of the boarding school he (and briefly Ceil) attended in the boring cricket arc approached Edward about attending the party, he did and later took Lizzy with him only to lose her to it. The party, headed by a curiously tattooed (the constellations) psychic Blavat (obviously a riff off of Madame Blavastky), seems to be a cult and Ciel quickly finds that Blavat is more than he seems as the psychic knows what Sebastian is and bans him, leaving Ciel on his own.

The storyline is interesting and her art is so amazingly good. There are some truly fun bits, Sebastian with the cats, the return of Soma and Agni. Some parts were eye rollingly bad, like the former prefects being portrayed as a boy band (I’m not one for Anachronisms). As always I’m looking for more.

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