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December 2016 and January 2017 reading

Note: Sorry for the delay. My dad died in November and it threw off everything.

December 2016 reading:

63. Undone, by Rachel Caine (305 pages)
Cassiel is a djinn--an old djinn--who has fixed problems for her superiors for most of her existence. However, when she refuses to obey an order from the leader of the Old Djinn, she is cast out, undone, forced to take human form--a prison--and cut off from the power that keeps her alive unless with the Wardens. They hesitate, but decide to take her in, hiring her to work with an Earth Warden. In addition to needing to find peace with her new body's frailties, Cassiel also finds the emotions difficult, a weakness to her djinn sensibilities; the fact that people are gunning for her and her new partner for unknown reasons isn't helping.

64. Blood Cross, by Faith Hunter (321 pages)
Life has become strange for Jane. She is working with vampires on contract to destroy one creating vamp rogues, at the same time has the Master of the city gunning for her in grief and confusion, Beast is insistent that she mate, and Molly and the kits are visiting. Despite the strangeness, she's oddly content. When she discovers that there seems to be witchcraft connected to the rogues, she's confused--vampires and witches are natural enemies--but little does she know this could destroy everything she cares for.

65. Shifting Shadows, by Patricia Briggs (450 pages)
A series of short stories from the world of Mercy Thompson, including new perspectives and character backgrounds. This was a really fun read. I had already read "Alpha and Omega" but was happy to read it again.

December pages: 1,076

Pages to date: 19,889

Progress: 65/52

December 2016 comics/manga reading:

190. Kimi ni Todoke: Volume 24, by Karuho Shiina (184 pages)
191. Black Butler: Volume 22, by Yana Toboso (176 pages)
192. Petshop of Horrors: Volume 1, by Matsuri Akino (193 pages)
193. Planetes: Volume 4.1, by Makoto Yukimura (192 pages)
194. Case Closed: Volume 60, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
195. Otomen: Volume 1, by Aya Kanno (208 pages)
196. Trees: Volume 2, by Warren Ellis (128 pages)
197. Tegami Bachi: Volume 19, by Hiroyuki Asada (232 pages)
198. Kamisama Kiss: Volume 22, by Julietta Suzuki (208 pages)
199. Ghostbusters: Volume 1, by Erik Burnham (104 pages)
200. Yotsuba&!: Volume 13, by Kiyohiko Azuma (224 pages)
201. Hawkeye: Volume 1, by Matt Fraction (136 pages)
202. After School Nightmare: Volume 3, by Setona Mizushiro (200 pages)
203. Strawberry Panic: Volume 1, by Sakurako Kimino (192 pages)
204. Spice & Wolf: Volume 11, by Isuna Hasekura (160 pages)
205. AiON: Volume 3, by Yuna Kagesaki (176 pages)
206. Hyper Police: Volume 2, by Mee (172 pages)
207. Chi's Sweet Home, by Kanata Konami (160 pages)

December pages: 3,237

Pages to date: 34,233

Progress: 207/200


January 2017 reading:

1. The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry, by Wendell Berry (192 pages)
I savored this book for so long because the poetry was beautiful. There are so many fantastic poems in this collection, and it's easy to get lost thinking after each. Berry has become one of my favorite poets.

2. The Road to Oz, by L. Frank Baum (261 pages)
Dorothy is asked for directions by the Shaggy Man and decides to lead him in the right direction... only to find herself completely lost. Has she again found herself on an adventure? Fun read.

January pages: 453

Pages to date: 453

Progress: 2/52

January 2017 comics/manga reading:


February pages:

Pages to date:

Progress: /150
Tags: classic, graphic novel, manga, poetry, urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves

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