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Book 28

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson, #11)Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I won a copy of the audio book from a Goodreads giveaway but that in no way influenced my review. I wavered between a 3 and 4 star rating through the book but went with 3 because of the absolutely horrible ending. There is a problem I’ve had with this series from the beginning (other than Charley on more than one occasion is downright dumb, even points it out herself), is Ms Jones doesn’t seem to have heard of the adage ‘less is more.’ Charley’s snark is literally non-stop so it encroaches on buffoonery and wears you out. We’re treated to how drop dead gorgeous Reyes is so many times in such purple prose I actually checked to see if she wrote romances too. I was going to start a drinking again every time she told us how hot Reyes is but I’d probably have to have my stomach pumped. Not to mention one or two sex scenes is hot, as many as this had is just story-stopping boredom. So yeah if any one or two of these things had been lightened up this would have been more enjoyable. I’ll stretch that to include how many times we go over how she doesn’t get her new powers, how she threatened Jehovah about taking over the world, about how important Osh is to Beep and how bad ass Eidolon is. We get it. Seriously.

The main thrust of this story is Charley has been approached by the Foster’s adoptive son (the same Fosters who had kidnapped Reyes and gave him over to a monster to raise him when he was a baby). This son is a Nephilim and wants a) to know his family and b) to stop the Fosters because not only are they kidnapping special kids for their strange religious cult, they are killing them. Reyes wants Charley to have nothing to do with this case, refusing to explain his request and for that matter Ubie, her police detective uncle, also wants her to stay home but won’t tell her why (so yeah both are doing this in the most infuriating misogynistic patronizing way possible, including leaving Charley trapped in the ceiling beams by taking away her ladder).

On top of all of this Charley is dealing with not having her baby with her and with her new-found status as a god. In fact, this part overshadows the mystery of the Fosters. And oh, Ms. Jones also shoehorn a completely different plot line for Charley’s niece about mid-way through, grinding all the other plot lines to a halt. The balance in this book is off and that above mentioned less is more could have really helped. I didn’t need to hear for the thousandth time about her godhood. This could have been trimmed down to keep all the plot lines cleaner.

I know this sounds like I didn’t enjoy this that much but that isn’t true. I did enjoy it for the most part but it could have been better, a lot better, with just a but of trimming. I was so bore with the sex scenes because there were so many of them and I have to say hearing them as an audiobook was far more annoying than reading them. I would have just skipped them if I had been reading. I usually only have time to listen to audiobooks in the car (not something I like to do as I find it distracting) so I didn’t want to try to skip them there.

Now the ending. It’s a cliffhanger. I loathe them but that’s not why the ending cost my rating a star. It’s just how freaking stupid both Charley and Reyes are in it. I hate it when the heroes have to do something moronic in order to advance the plot, especially when you’re trying to portray them as competent bad-asses. They have this god-glass which is a portal to a hell dimension that a medieval priest trapped dozens of souls back in the 1400s. So think about that for a moment. For over 600 years those people are trapped in that thing and instead of doing research or doing anything intelligent like that, those two decide they have to fix it now with predictable stupid results. It was so eye rolling bad I’m not sure I’ll bother looking at the next book to find out what happens.

I will admit I have never been in love with this series and I’m sure people who are will love this book too. It’s entertaining. I would love to see a side story with Osh. Also, the narrator was excellent so if you like audiobooks, this one is very well done (though I will admit the 40$ price tag on the box of the one I was sent shocked me. I didn’t realize they were that much more than the book. Yes, I do realize that there are people to pay for producing it but man, that took me by surprise).

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