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Books 1 - 10.

1. Charnas - Work Clean: The Life-Changing Power of Mise-En-Place To Organize Your Life, Work & Mind
Based on the arranging system of the cooking world, this books shows how to apply it to the non-cookery world, with good stories in between.

2. Nouwen - A Letter Of Consolation
On loss of a beloved person, with hope and support given.

3. Kaufman & Kristoff - Illuminae
4. Kaufman & Kristoff - Gemina
Action-packed, fun, stories connected with each other. Good YA scifi appealing even to older people. Third part coming later this year.

5. Griswold (transl.) - I Am The Beggar Of The World: Landays From Contemporary Afghanistan
Women's poetry being created under constant threat against it, with nice photographs and explaining notes included.

6. Basho - The Complete Haiku
To be read slowly to avoid numbness *lol* Thorough work with explanations and other stuff after. Over 1000 haikus.

7. Nixon - Everyday Happy Herbivore (Finnish translation)
Simple yet tasteful recipes.

8. Corey - Leviathan Wakes
A very good start of the series, with a good flow to it.

9. Venning - The Sinfulness Of Sin
If you're used to the Puritan style of writing, this delivers well and is not all doom and gloom, to be honest :)

10. MacPherson - The Black Box: Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts Of In-Flight Accidents
For those not too scared of flying. Not all the cases end with death. There's so many ways for things to go wrong, and not always found until the inevitable happens. Luckily we can learn to make things safer, learning from the crashes.

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