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March 2017 reading

March 2017 reading:

11. The Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan (471 pages)
When Sam asks Magnus to meet her for coffee to speak to an informant, little does he know it has to do with Thor's missing hammer... and Sam's Loki-arranged wedding to the giant who stole it. To add to it, Heath has seen Blitz's potential death in his runes. Great read.

12. The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen, by Delia Sherman (290 pages)
Neef is thrilled when her fairy godparents tell her she's going to Miss Van Loon's School for Mortal Changelings. For less than a day. Then she's tossed into a new place with new rules and other mortals and classes. On the very first day she makes some friends--and an enemy. Little does she know, she'll need everything she has to complete a quest to protect Central Park.

13. Unseen, by Rachel Caine (304 pages)
Cass and Luis have rescued Ibby, but the Wardens have set up a "school" for the children effected by Pearl, one meant to help them heal from the destruction their prematurely-awakened powers have wrought on their young bodies. To convince Ibby to go there, Cass must become the bad guy, and her role is furthered when it becomes necessary to leave Ibby and Luis to pursue Pearl and try to prevent her from hurting more children. Great read.

14. Death's Rival, by Faith Hunter (336 pages)
It turns out Jane killed another vampire's Enforcer. Not just any vampire, either--one of the cruelest ones still alive. Her transgression has made Leo a target, nearly kills Bruiser, and leads to her being forcibly bound to Leo in an effort to prevent a pre-Carta blood-feud. In the midst of this, Jane participates in a sweat that brings back her memories and challenges her understanding of who she is, and she also learns this vampire has a sinister connection to her people. Great read.

15. The Politics of Division, by Emily Jo Scalzo (52 pages)
This is my own chapbook of poetry. I've probably read it a million times, but it's finally been published.

16. Blood Trade, by Faith Hunter (337 pages)
Jane takes a job clearing out Naturaleza vamps. Leo is less than pleased as he is having a tiff with the scion she is working for. But it turns out this job is different, the Naturaleza special and harder to kill than usual, for reasons unknown. Great read.

March pages: 1,790

Pages to date: 4,886

Progress: 16/52

March 2017 comics/manga reading:

6. Star Trek: Volume 13, by Mike Johnson (140 pages)
7. Library Wars: Love and War: Volume 6, by Kiiro Yumi (200 pages)
8. The Sandman: Volume 4, by Neil Gaiman (217 pages)
9. What Did You Eat Yesterday?: Volume 7, by Fumi Yoshinaga (160 pages)
10. Twin Spica: Volume 1, by Kou Yaginuma (192 pages)
11. Ms. Marvel: Volume 4, by G. Willow Wilson (120 pages)
12. Ghostbusters: Volume 2, by Erik Burnham (104 pages)
13. Saturn Apartments: Volume 1, by Hisae Iwaoka (192 pages)
14. The Summit of the Gods, by Jiro Taniguchi (328 pages)
15. The Sandman: Volume 5, by Neil Gaiman (185 pages)
16. What Did You Eat Yesterday?: Volume 8, by Fumi Yoshinaga (160 pages)

March pages: 1,998

Pages to date: 2,828

Progress: 16/150
Tags: fantasy, glbt, graphic novel, manga, poetry, sci-fi, urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves

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