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Book 38

Blood DivineBlood Divine by Greg Howard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley for making it possible for me to read this novel. Receiving an ARC had no influence on my review. Honestly the book hovered between a 3.5 & 4 star review for me but at the end of the day I thought it was a lot of fun so I kicked it up to the four. I’ll also say if you read m/m books only for the romance and sex, this probably isn’t going to be for you. There’s a romantic subplot sure but this is much more full on urban fantasy/horror and I was very happy for that (I’m more UF than romance, what can I say?)

Cooper Causey experienced some trauma in his childhood home in South Carolina and hasn’t been back in some time, even though he is very fond of his grandmother. Cooper’s been living a rather hollow life made up of endless one-night stands (having a large reputation for it) and hiding the strangeness of his life. But when he’s lured back to his childhood home, only to find his grandmother missing, Cooper’s world is turned upside down in so many ways.

The largest of which is that he meets the Anakim, a vampire like race from the Abrahamic traditions (though they, along with the Nephilim are giants rather than vampires in the lure) and learns there is something special about him that they want. This encounter brings him into contact with Betsy, who is also Anakim but working with a group of monster hunters, the members of Jericho, to help destroy her own kind. Cooper is rushed off his feet by the group, barely able to keep his wits about him as he learns all he is capable of doing. Into this mix we add Randy, local policeman and one of the first men Cooper ever fell in love with and could never be with.

It’s a lot of non-stop action and while Cooper learns to control his abilities a wee bit fast for my tastes, it does work. I wasn’t, however, overly fond of the ending and that’s about all I want to say so not to spoil it. I will say (mild spoiler at best) is that for once I’d like to see the love interest and/or friend actually stay out of the fight once they’re told they’ll be a huge liability because we all know what will happen. The bad guys will capture that person and sure enough the hero of the story is distracted. Because it happens every time in a story like this. The other thing that did bug me a bit was that the ‘darkness’ in Cooper came from an African ancestor who practiced voo doo. Yes, it’s pointed out that dark doesn’t mean evil but still, it felt a little lazy at best. Still, over all I enjoyed this and I’d go looking for more by this author.

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