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Book #23: You Were Never Really Here by Jonathan Ames

Number of pages: 47

Short novel about a character named Joe, who is charged with saving a politician's teenage daughter, who has been forced into prostitution. However, he runs into a few problems, mostly because of the presence of corrupt cops. Apparently, it's now been made into a movie starring Joaquim Phoenix, to be released this year.

I read this mainly because the writer was Jonathan Ames, who created a show I discovered recently, "Bored to Death", which I really enjoyed. I liked this too, and not surprisingly, the plot put me in mind of the movie, "Taxi Driver".

I found the writing very compelling, although the plot did move forward at quite a pace, and at the end when the truth behind all the events was revealed, I did find myself re-reading a few pages. It did end with a particularly shocking twist, and some particularly violent scenes.

I'd be interested in checking out what other books Jonathan Ames has written after reading this.

Next book: Eyes Turned Skyward (Max Meyers)
Tags: crime fiction, gritty, politics, suspense, thriller

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